River District 12

Celebrate our River District
Join River District 12 for the Inaugural Bike Tour
"We've Got History"

Bike riders of Northern Illinois, River District 12 is proud to announce its first annual Bike Tour. River District 12 is a twelve hour bike tour designed to promote bike safety and awareness, provide a bike view of the River District, and build the community's foundation. The event will debut June 25, 2016 from 7am – 7pm in the River District of Rockford, Illinois. With 5 check-points, comprising a 4.5 mile loop, participants ride the course with the intention of accumulating the most miles possible. The course will include 8 bonus check-points which will be held in a staggered arrangement. Completed bonus checkpoints will award you with the credit of two extra laps. Bonus check-points could include a physical task, beautification of the neighborhood, or a bike safety course.

The event has two basic categories; solo or team (2-6 people). The entry fee is $20 per rider (cash or check) at Namaste Studios or $23 per rider online. You can register at Namaste Studios from 3:30-8:30pm on Fridays or online at


until the event fills up. There will be no event day registration.

River District 12 is about building community, understanding who lives and works in our neighborhood, and meeting our neighbors and businesses to find out what type of amazing things are already happening there. This event was inspired by the Riverwest 24 Bike Race based in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Its intention is to unite our community through something as simple as bike riding. Whether you enter or decide to volunteer for this amazing event, come spend a day with your friends, and explore our beautiful city.

Sponsored by River District Association , Rockford Park District ,and Namaste Studios.