Providing you with a place for peace and calm, to gain true strength, and breathe


Namaste Studios offers a place for peace and calm. Tami Bogard, Yoga Instructor, meets you where you are. She has the ability to guide you based on your flexibility and your current strength level. Yoga is a life-long practice, so there is no hurry.

All classes taught by Tami Bogard


The STudio

Namaste Studios is a yoga, qigong, acupressure, and relexology studio located in the River District of Rockford, Illinois


Yoga Tots

Yoga Tots is a class for boys and girls ages 1-5 and their parent partner. Emphasis is on joyful play with toddler. Parents model behavior, actions, and attitudes that are emulated by the toddlers. Modeling mature behaviors can even influence a child's response to stress and conflict for a lifetime.


intrafascial therapy-ball class

Roll out on Therapy Balls with Acupressurist Tami Bogard. Classes are 1 hour long and will lead you through techniques of myofascial release.


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