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Namaste Studios offers a place for peace and calm. Tami Bogard, Yoga Instructor, meets you where you are. She has the ability to guide you based on your flexibility and your current strength level. Yoga is a life-long practice, so there is no hurry.

All classes taught by Tami Bogard


Fundamentals of self acupressure

January 27, February 3rd, and 10th

An introductory level Jin Shin Do® Acupressure workshop open to everyone. Beginners welcome! Students may include anyone interested in learning Jin Shin Do® acupressure techniques.

Fundamentals of Self-Acupressure Course Objectives:

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Release.
Qigong breathing and stretching exercises: Pal Dan Gum (the Eight Silken Movements) and Hara Breathing.
The 25-point Self-Acupressure Pattern.
Self-care points to help relieve tension and discomfort.
Technique and point-finding skills.

Class fee is $120.00.

This is a 9 hour workshop and class meets on 3 Saturdays for 3 hours each.


I am so glad I attended this class. Acupressure is better that an hour massage, and I can do it myself, anytime. It makes me feel so relaxed but energized at the same time. I recommend this class to everyone.

Katie Kurz

I attended this class with my wife and had no idea what I was getting into, but I loved it and learned so much. Tami is a great instructor. I have incorporated the techniques into my life. I feel so much better and have never slept better. Take this class! You won't regret it.

Dennis Kurz


Yoga Tots and Yoga Kids


We are changing our format for Yoga Tots and Yoga Kids classes! At this time you may sign up for Yoga Tots with a dropin session purchase. February session for Yoga Tots and Kids is open now. Sign up by 2/2/18 for our February Session that begins February 3rd. February session is 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, and 2/24.

Yoga is joyous play! As we engage in yoga with children, as adults, we have the ability to model mature behavior. Modeling mature behaviors can influence a child's response to stress and conflict for a lifetime!

Yoga Tots class 845-915am Saturdays ages 1-5

Yoga Kids class 930-1015am Saturdays ages 5-11

6 participants to run each session. $20 per participant, $7 for drop-ins after the session begins.

An adult partner is required to participate in Yoga Tots. Parents are encouraged to participate in Yoga Kids.

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