Providing you with a place for peace and calm, to gain true strength, and breathe


Namaste Studios offers a place for peace and calm. Tami Bogard, Yoga Instructor, meets you where you are. She has the ability to guide you based on your flexibility and your current strength level. Yoga is a life-long practice, so there is no hurry.

All classes taught by Tami Bogard



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Yoga Kids

 Yoga Kids is an ongoing class and open to sign up for now.

Yoga is joyous play! As we engage in yoga with children, as adults, we have the ability to model mature behavior. Modeling mature behaviors can influence a child's response to stress and conflict for a lifetime!

Yoga Kids class 12:15-1pm Saturdays ages 3-11
Please sign up online by Friday at 10pm.

$7 per participant for a single class, $20 for a Yoga Kids 4 Pack (shareable with family).

Yoga Kids class is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child and parents are highly encouraged to participate.

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